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How to make a Candy Cane Basket

Written By petite karinne on Thursday, December 19, 2013 | 8:43 AM

This is a sweet table decoration for Christmas.

Materials and tools:

1 container (I used a 4"x4" square gift box)
4 boxes of 12 candy canes (it takes approximately 3 candy canes per inch, measure your container to be certain you have enough) 
Red ribbon
Wire beading
Silk greenery with berries
Florist foam 3.5"x3.5"x2"
Hot glue and gun (about 6 glue sticks)
Wire cutters

1. Glue your foam into the inside of the bottom of the box. 
2. Unwrap all of your candy canes. 
3. Start your glue gun, this will go quickly.
4. Starting on one side of the box in the center, run glue along the back side of the cane and hold in place until set. Continue all around the box.
5. Tie your ribbon around the basket and trim off excess ribbon. Pinch off the centers with wire beading by wrapping around the ribbon tightly. Trim excess from the beading.
6. Cut down your greenery (or flowers of choice) making your arrangement. Then glue them into the foam. 

It takes about 3 candy canes per inch. I used 4 and half  dozen boxes due to breakage (package removal) 

A 4"x4"x4" square box 

Foam, ribbon, wire beading, hot glue

My first attempt with fabric glue did not work. The canes still wobbled with a rubber band holding them and drying was way too long.  Super glue melted the candy.  I lost a few canes learning what worked better.

The best, and I do mean the very best, way to do this is with hot glue.  Just a little patience with holding each cane while the hot glue sets quickly moves this along nicely.

I used 2" ribbon tying it off tight on one side. Then "pinched it" in each center with the wire beading, trimming off to make them look like embellishments.

Trimming down silk greenery and berry bunches design your arrangement; then glue and insert them into the foam.


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