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Combining Art with Household Items

Written By petite karinne on Thursday, March 6, 2014 | 6:45 AM

Spring time and cleaning tends to make us change out some of our room accents.  That generally finds me redoing pieces into a new art form.
I painted this egg in 1997 and took it out to find it cracked.  Of course now, it will need to be replaced.  The thought of blowing out eggs and the work already seems exhausting, so I'm searching for easier egg cleaning techniques. With Easter approaching, this task will need to be done right away.  I'll work on that and post prior to the holiday.

So moving on to projects on the back burner, I decided to do a decoupage and stain technique that I admire so much done by other artists.  This vintage metal tray is perfect for it. 

I printed out the designs from Graphics Fairy and decoupaged them onto the cleaned off tray.

After it dried, I used white glue to make raised scroll work around the prints.

Adding white paint over the entire tray, I only lightly white washed over the print areas. 

Then added a light clear coat.

Then over that, a wood stain brushed on the entire surface.

After the stain dried, I applied a dark brown acrylic paint, smudging into the crevices.

Using dry brush technique over the whole tray, antiquing it. 

Now I have a functional kitchen accent:  a magnetic memo board to hang.  

I love how bottles can be recycled into decor. I've seen so many other inspiring posts by others.  Here I have a beverage bottle with some cool embossed features that stand out, if painted.  Because of its origin,  I thought why not make it rustic or distressed.

Lucky to have about 4' of snow, I used a long rod to place the bottle on for easier spray painting. 

Painting the bottle black will help any "see through" if there happens to be any paint chipping.

I painted the entire bottle with a chalky turquoise.

One coat, I needed to add a second.

After the paint dried, I applied a rusty brown paint, dry brush method, here and there. 

Certain to brush the lettering to make it pop. 

Low gloss clear coat applied to prevent chipping. 

Then I wrapped the top with a rusty brown yarn.

Added a silver embellishment.

Another little decor accent finished.

I have a few more items stacked up in the garage that need revamped uses.  I hope that I inspired you to put some of your great ideas into motion. Happy Spring cleaning and creating!

~  Robin


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