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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Written By petite karinne on Saturday, March 29, 2014 | 10:50 AM

It's that time to start gathering things and ideas for egg decorating. It's not my favorite craft, so I don't produce anything fantastic. Generating ideas for you is something I can do though.

Blowing Out Eggs 
 Using a  long straight pin, poke a single hole at the point of the egg.  Then at the bottom. 

I used a manicure orange stick to poke through the bottom hole to make it bigger to release the egg white and yolk easier. It also breaks the yolk. 

I used my kitchen sink to do this. 
Blow out the contents from the point of the egg, and allowing it to pass through the bottom. 
Once the egg is empty, rinse it out with water. Filling the egg from the bottom and shaking it 
until the water comes out clean may take several attempts. Allow the eggs to dry out for a day or two. 

Decorating Ideas 
I resized a print out to decoupage one of the eggs.
After all this one seemed appropriate for a hen egg.
I love rooster decor in the kitchen.

Egg form is not easy to work with.  Small stickers or stencils would be amazingly nicer.
Something you may want to consider. 

I added white glue swirls for relief design on one half of the egg at a time to allow drying for each side. 

Ready for painting. 

Rooster Egg
I used a waterbase stain and let it dry. Then clear coated the whole egg.

Black and Gold 
I spray painted this egg in gloss black.  When dried, I used gold glitter stickers and
 hot glued an embellishment all around the egg.  It was very simple. 

Pink Hibiscus 
Using colored pencils and a fine point black sharpie for this, I drew the flower and greenery.
Then painted the blue around the egg.  Then clear coated the whole thing. 

Wild West Wood Look 
Using a waterbase stain again, and a black sharpie to write the year on this one. 

Distressed Turquoise
Using the white glue again, I just swirled a bunch of "S" shapes all over the egg. Then painted it turquoise. Over that, a watered down black paint to distress the blue. 

Princess Pink 
Using a pink highlighter pen, I colored the entire egg. Then hot glued pearl and
silver beads on the egg for this design. 

White Lily 
I spray painted this egg black gloss, dried then hand painted on a white lily with oil paints. 

White Glue Relief 
White glue relief design, painted whole egg in black acrylic, then lightly sanded to reveal the swirls. 

Blown out eggs last as long as they don't crack.
I hope I inspired you with some ideas. There are so many combinations and techniques. Lots of different media to use too. Yarns, colored strings, buttons, jewelry, paints, sequins,  newspaper strips, stickers and on and on.  Have fun!

I painted this egg in 1997 

Happy Easter 2014! 


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