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Hair Styling Tool Organizer

Written By petite karinne on Thursday, April 3, 2014 | 2:31 PM

This is my Ikea Hack towel storage that I built from a pine board and topped it with a ceramic floor tile. Conveniently placed next to the shower to grab towels and lotion from the container sitting there.  Good idea right? 

This is what it REALLY looks like most of the week.  

That's my plastic bin of hair styling tools. When we expect guests, I tuck the bin into the bathroom closet.  But using this all of the time and in a rush, I don't always put it back because it drives me nuts to get to it in our cluttered closet. If you need anything, just ask, I bet we have enough toiletries for 5 families. The bathroom vanity is too small and I don't like it cluttered. But, being fifty something and my eyes are getting worse, I have one of those magnifying mirrors there.
Along with the soap dispenser and tissue box holder.
That's more than I want on the vanity top.

I've been wondering how to make an organized unit so I can use my tools and mirror without getting aggravated daily. Why not a shelf? Yes! Sitting next to the wall lighting so the mirror can be used there and I'll be able to actually see where makeup ends up on my face. Scrap wood is a good solution. 

Old piano foot board. 

Cut to the desired length to hold a curling iron, a flat iron,
hair dryer and the mirror.

Cut three holes to hold the three tools. 

Leaving shelf space for the mirror to sit. 

Shelf brace attached. Spray painted in expresso color
 to match the room accents.

Attached to the wall, conveniently located over the outlets. 

Next to the light fixture. Thank you! I can see again.

Room for each tool.

Easy project that made my mornings easier.

(Angelic Choir in background.)

This works for now. When the master bathroom is complete, there will be a better version incorporated into the cabinetry.   ;) 

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