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Redoing a Vintage Chair to Compliment Another

Written By petite karinne on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 | 11:16 AM

I was asked to redo this vintage chair...

...to "go with" this old chair that I previously restored:

I answered, (tongue in cheek) "Sure!"

As both chair styles are completely different, I contemplated the finished project. Well, sanding and upholstering them to be similar wouldn't be a problem. What about the overall design?  It must have some turquoise on it, but where and how?  This 1947 chair (stamped underneath) clearly doesn't have the character the older one has.  Nor much room for add-ons.

Maybe... carving something in somewhere!

Having an idea, I went to work.

It had a brown paint and clear coat finish. 

The vinyl seat and back pad were in very good condition,
despite the appearance and the need to be reupholstered.

Overall,  it's very sturdy, no repairs needed. 

I removed the seat and back for sanding. 

After stripping and scraping,  I continued sanding. 

Until done. 

Then drew my geometric design on the front legs, hopefully matching up to the Old Chair.

Chiseled out the design, of a simple diamond and a fading line above and below.

Turquoise paint worked in the diamond shape,  and then I stained the whole chair.

Then I added black paint here and there for an old distressed look.

I used the black paint and dry brushed the feet.

Then applied a coat of lacquer.

Reupholstered the seat and backrest. 

And then I put it all back together. 

Kind of goes with the "Old Chair Redo" now doesn't it?  

It's ready to go home... 

...to be with this. 

"So happy together" 
The Turtles, 1967


~ A cute little storage stool was added to the collection~ 


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