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Teacher Appreciation Planter

Written By petite karinne on Saturday, May 3, 2014 | 1:20 PM

My son completed his gifts for Teacher's Appreciation day coming up next week.  He chose to give them Aloe Vera plants and I guided him along with the planter crafting. 

We started with two floral vases. 

Spraying them with Chalkboard paint.

One coat seemed to do just fine.

Wooden rulers from a dollar store.

I cut them to fit around the vase. 

My son glued them around the top rim.

Mini clamps were used to hold the rulers in place while the glue dried.

We gathered plastic numbers from the dollar store.

He glued on 2x2 to equal 4. 

Then added chalk writing for 2nice 2be 4gotten.

Rubber letter stickers; also dollar store crafts.

He added the teachers names on the opposite side of the plastic numbers on the vase.

We pulled a couple of other plants to add to his aloe vera plant.

We used chalkboard sticker labels from Michaels for To/From tags.

His photo was added to the back of the To/From tags and covered in wide scotch tape to protect the picture.

We attached the photo tag on an artificial flower and added a couple more of the flowers for color. 

(His photos are purposely blurred.)

Then we added a "Thank You" note. 

Then he did a drawing on the remaining side of the vase with chalk.  (A cup of coffee and donut, one of the teacher's "faves".)

He's really excited that Ms. T and Mrs. F are going to love his planters. 


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