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Updated Brass Chandelier

Written By petite karinne on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 | 5:27 PM

 I finally found a brasstone chandelier at 
a thrift shop that was exactly what I was looking for. 

This is a medium sized chandelier with candlesticks. Perfect for turning into an antique fixture for our "country-ish" dining room.

After cleaning up the fixture, I applied a coat of flat black paint for a wrought iron look.

Then, a second coat. 

Both top and bottom spray painted.

I replaced the plastic "candlesticks" and
decided to decorate them.

I printed out two sheets of an antique letter. 

I cut the letter up to fit around the plastic tube "candles".  Then used a glue stick on the paper to apply them to the tubes.
I replaced the plastic tube candles and inserted clear flame bulbs.

I used a hook in the ceiling where the light fixture will be permanently, over the dining room table. 

Hardwiring to the existing recessed lighting and switches requires sheetrock cutting, wire feeding and connecting.  That will be put off for this weekend  when I have a helper to fish wires.  :)

I'll post the finale photos here next week~

In the meantime, I have a preview of a long awaited light fixture.  (sigh) Patience is a virtue.

The update: 

Connected to the dimmer switch on the recessed lighting in the room. 

low lighting...

full lighting



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