Coastal Dresser: A Redo

Written By petite karinne on Saturday, September 27, 2014 | 7:19 AM

What do you do when you get an ugly dresser or chest of drawers from a thrift store?  Redo it. Of course! 

Someone else did their redo on this and I didn't like it. 

Those handles reminded me of tying the boat to shore. 
Hmm... "shore"... seashore... coastal... love coastal furniture. 
Ahoy! An idea! 

I started with cleaning the whole thing up and lightly sanding and painting.  This is a pleasant tropical beach color. 
#Rustoleum in Seaside 

Having these resin formed seagull carvings from a flea market, I decided to utilize them for this piece. 

And I had these knobs from a cabinet redo to reuse. 

So I painted them white and painted the feet the same sea blue color as the dresser. 
Rust Oleum in White Gloss 

I snagged up hubby's boat ropes.  (Just taking a little bit. I'll put the rest of it back.)

I wrapped a piece of the rope onto one of the "boat- tying- looking- handles" and tied it off. Trying to make it look all nautical or "knot-ical" ;)  Then I painted it white to match the knobs and seagulls. 

I laid out the knobs and seagull designs on the drawers until I liked it. 

Then, drilled holes through the drawers to attach the knobs and seagulls. 

For the dresser top, I painted it in a white chalk paint.

Then lightly sanded to expose the first dark blue paint job by the first redo'er, and some of the original white paint finish by the manufacturer. 

When finished with distressing the top, I distressed the drawer fronts with sporadic sanding. 

Added a few seashells and it became beachy!  

Now I want to get a little bungalow on a beach. 


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