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Lazy Susan Redo for TCW: 1 Stencil 4 Ways Series

Written By petite karinne on Sunday, September 14, 2014 | 3:50 AM

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As guest designer for The Crafter's Workshop, I've been assigned stencil set number 383 designed by Ronda Palazzari. The purpose of the One Stencil Four Ways series is to demonstrate the endless possibilities of a stencil based on numerous creators.  

My first project is a lazy susan redo. 

Having this plain Jane Lazy Susan... I really wanted to do something with it and this stencil set gave me the opportunity to change it out.  (Insert smirk here... With a couple of lady names in one sentence; maybe I'll name this handy kitchen helper "Susan Jane".) 

To start, I needed to sand off the original finish of the wood to stain it the base color I desired. 

The stain color I like and used for this is "gunstock" having red tones. Just a tad of flashy. 

Then I brushed on a water based paint in onyx color around the edges and wiped off leaving the paint residue in the crevices. This technique allowed me to achieve an aged wood look. 

Where some of the paint was too much, I lightly sanded it off by hand. 

Hmm, not as dark as what I had in mind. Let's do this again, shall we? 

The second coat of paint and stain is much better. Then a little wiping and sanding made Suzan Jane a bit older. Maturity is stately, I always say. 

Then the exciting part...decorating with this stencil!  After measuring the lazy susan and the stencils, I made light pencil marks for placement. 

Then taped down the stencil and painted with a sponge "spouncer". 

I allowed the paint to dry thoroughly before sanding lightly. 

Using fine grit sandpaper I sanded lightly over the entire surface concentrating on the stenciled parts for more distressing. 

Using coconut oil and a rag, I conditioned the wood to bring out the rich tones by rubbing it in. 

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