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Painted Lamp Shade for TCW: 1 Stencil 4 Ways Series

Written By petite karinne on Sunday, September 14, 2014 | 4:10 AM

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As guest creator for The Crafter's Workshop, I've been assigned stencil set number 383 designed by Ronda Palazzari. The purpose of the One Stencil Four Ways series is to demonstrate the endless possibilities of a stencil based on numerous creators.  

For my next project is this plain lamp shade.  Boring.  (eyes rolling)  It needs something... anything will help it. Lacking color and design, I had to give it a makeover. 

Using this stencil set for the second time, I opted to use all of them and small parts of them to create a design on the lamp shade. 

For color, I started by painting the shade with watered down acrylic in a light turquoise. Similar to watercolor paint, I allowed bleeding and blending with some dry brushing in vertical strokes. 

Then I painted the top and bottom trim in black for contrast. 

I tried to create a pattern of the stencils in upper left and bottom right on each panel of the shade for visual interest. That utilized two stencils per panel.

Using masking tape to hold in place, I sponged on black acrylic paint. 

This pattern was repeated on the panel on the opposite side. 

Then I used parts of each stencil in the remaining spaces. 

It's almost as though the shade was made for the lamp... (smirking and winking) 

Now the lamp is full of character.

From boring to "so sassy"! 

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