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Treadle Sewing Machine Upcycle

Written By petite karinne on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 | 5:42 PM

I love treadle sewing machines. My mom always had one. We actually used it on occasions too. That bullet shaped bobbin always intrigued me. 

I was fortunate to pick up this one, but so much of it was missing and it had a lot of damage. 

For this sewing machine,  I planned to use the base. I'll use the other parts for other things. 

I cleaned it up and painted it in semi gloss black enamel. 

I was lucky to snag this table top up from a friend cleaning out his "stuff". 

Because the wooden top was large, I tried it on for size. 

Not bad!  It could sport itself as a "table for two"!  So I used the original sewing machine screws to attach the top to the sewing machine base. 

The wood is beautiful. The more I sanded the more the grain came out. 

A few hours and a few days, it was perfect. 

I stained it in my favorite stain of late (I'm crushing this reddish tint). 

Then applied polyurethane. 

And the results were stunning. 

Two chairs fit nicely. 

The table top and sewing machine base look like they belong. It is a perfect fit!


UPDATE! 12/28/14 
Those extra wooden parts went to good use! I put them on this treadle sewing machine for repairs. 

Click on photo to go to this project.


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