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January Creative Craft Challenge: Recycled Soda Bottle

Written By petite karinne on Thursday, January 1, 2015 | 6:10 PM

Welcome to our first Creative Craft Challenge!  Not only do your hosts create a challenge craft, but you do too!

We create the challenge; present ours to you; and then you link up yours! Look for the link up coming up next!

Each host will choose our own favorites to feature during the next month's NEW challenge. Sound like fun?? Well it is! It's a great way to recycle and create.

This month is soda bottle or milk jug.  I chose two liter soda/seltzer bottles. I drink a lot of plain seltzer (good for you soda) I wanted to make a greenhouse, but I didn't have enough bottles. I'll work on that over the new year.

I cut a 2 liter bottle into three parts.
The top, middle and bottom.

Then I swiped a Christmas napkin and separated it to use the printed part.

Cutting the printed part to fit the middle section of the bottle, enough to fold over the top and the bottom of the plastic, I used Gloss Mod Podge to attach it.

I didn't fret over the wrinkles as much as the ones on my face. I wanted it to have character, like me.

Then painted on the Mod Podge over the entire napkin (on the fold overs and on the outside). Then walked around with it on my arm to dry all morning....

Just KIDDING! I placed it on a freezer bag to dry. The printed section of the napkin is very delicate and tears easy. I actually failed my first attempt trying to flatten the napkin. Trying carefully to mod podge and setting down was a success the second time. 

Now the soda bottle part is a candle sleeve!  When it dried, I placed it over my candle.

As with any candle, never leave it unattended! I had this burning for about an hour without issues and watched it closely. This is a glass contained candle. I would not recommend using just a candle and a sleeve because the plastic would obviously melt. 

I can see this candle sleeve decoupaged on with any pretty printed napkin, or vintage newspapers, copies of photos, gift wrap paper, stamps, lace, tissue papers, or however you desire. Can you also see this technique used for wedding reception tables? I can. Great table centerpiece idea without a huge cost.

Have fun with it!

Wait! What about the other two parts of the bottle? 

The top makes a handy funnel! 

I transferred my paint into a cleaned laundry bottle; painted the front of it with the color; labeled it with date and room where I used it and now it's ready to pour into the roller pan for the next time!

And that paint can? It's plastic. So I washed it out and now have a nail bucket for those big nailing jobs like a roof, shed framing, deck building, etc.

I just recycled a soda bottle, a laundry bottle and a paint can. What a cheap thrill!!!!

Oh, almost forgot, the bottom section of the soda bottle is a nice little cup. I put my jewelry in it at the sink while I washed the paint can.

Don't go yet, I have another!  The girls are going to laugh at me over this. They always try to get me to one thing all the time but I get carried away. Must be a hyper disorder.

I like the color of this 2 liter soda bottle and decided to make a hanging toy box for my parrot.

She is an active bird, as those of you who have one know, keeping her happy and entertained can be high maintenance. She has lots of toys. I wanted to put some of them in a clean spot that she has access to  and this was a perfect idea.

First I drilled holes in the bottom of the bottle. (For easy cleaning and drain drying. She can't have any chance of mold or she'll get respiratory issues. Just like us, but she is more fragile.) 

Then I cut a large hole on the side for easy access to toys.

 I sanded the cut edges smooth and gathered parts to hang the bottle.

I used one of her daily coconut shell halves (I drill a hole to drain the coconut water, then use a hammer to break the shell in half to create a bowl for her to eat out of every other day. So that work was done for me.) I recycled a chewed up toy by inserting it through the bottle top and adding the shell over it.

Then stuffed some of her toys and a few nuts inside and hung it on her tree.

And the first thing she reached for is her bracelet. Well, it used to be my bracelet that she picked off my wrist. (She is so girly!)

Like a baby, she will have everything tossed about when she is done playing with them. But I do like the toy box bottle a lot! 

Okay, there is my 2 liters worth. What would you do with a 2 liter soda bottle?  Or a milk jug?  I can't wait to see you at our first link up on January 2nd!


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