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Craft Challenge: Cardboard Boxes into Crafty Drawers

Written By petite karinne on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 | 7:43 AM

Our Craft Challenge team is sharing their craft of the month which is cardboard themed. My first attempt was a recycled shoebox into a decorated storage box. Not as creative as I'd like, so I decided to add a couple more.

This one started with a little side table and a shipping box. I wanted to turn this into a storage unit for my birds. It would be great for their treats, food and toys. 

But my birds are messy so putting the unit on wheels for easy sweeping and cleaning was the first task. I chose the braking type wheels for safety reasons. The birds could perch on the table top for window watching. 

I drilled the holes to screw in the caster wheels into the corners of the bottom of the table.  Once that was finished, it was nice to spin the table while painting with them attached. 

I took an ordinary shipping box that fit into the shelving area of the table,

and removed the flaps; cutting them off with scissors. 

Then I tore up paper bags and decoupaged the pieces onto the face of the cardboard box to decorate as a textured covering. 

Setting aside to dry, I started on the second drawer for the table. I wanted a divided drawer, so I used soda can boxes. 

Simply cutting down the center of the top of the boxes and folding the cut parts over,

and taping onto the sides, created strength to the dividers. Then I taped three of the cut and taped boxes together with duct tape. 

I used another box and cut out a bottom for the 3 taped boxes for more strength. 

Using torn paper bags I decoupaged the entire divider drawer. 

I chose this leather belt to cut up for handles. 

After selecting and cutting the belt to the size I wanted, I attached the handles with super glue, thumb tacks pushed through the cardboard and bent over with pliers. 

Set them to dry thoroughly. 

Then placed them into the shelving areas. 

This is a lot neater than using baskets under the bird cages! 

Have you recycled cardboard? What have you made? Would love to see your ideas! 


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