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St. Patrick's Day Door Hanger - Wall Plaque

Written By petite karinne on Monday, February 23, 2015 | 2:00 AM

I picked up this cardboard Celtic Cross at the Dollar Tree Store. I thought it was very pretty but not hefty enough for the front door.

Since it's cardboard recycle and re-purposing month over at Creative Craft Challenge, I decided to use these Valentine hearts to create a large clover to add to the cross.

To cover the Valentines and make them green, I considered painting, or gluing some paper, or fabrics, ribbons; anything as long as it was green.  I remembered having some greenery stashed from Christmas decorating, so I grabbed them. Having the idea to cut the leaves and decoupage them onto the hearts, aha! Clovers are leaves and so are these! Perfect color and texture. Green floral tape was another idea, but I didn't have enough to cover all three hearts.

I found it was best to apply the glue right on the back of the leaves to adhere well.

To start the project, I cut the leaves into individual pieces and glued them onto the edge of the hearts. Overlapping to fold over the sides for good coverage. 

Once I covered the hearts with leaves, I painted on Mod Podge over the entire surface and the overlapped sides.

Once the leaves were dried on, I used the green floral tape to cover the sides of the hearts. It was best to start it with a staple to hold it in place.

Using glue and wrapping on the green tape,

it covered nicely.

Then I covered the tape wrapping with Mod Podge. 

After it dried, I super glued the points of the hearts together.

Then super glued the cross centered over the glued hearts.

My cordless drill was the perfect size and weight to hold the work together while it dried.

Then, I stapled on the ribbon, that was originally on the cross, to the top of the newly created clover.

The bottom of the cross is now the stem. A Shamrock is born!

A nice large Trinity decoration is made and it's as solid as a Blarney stone!

And, it fits the door window perfectly!

Between the one dollar for the cross and the items on hand, this door hanger cost was ...

only $1.00...!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Proudly sharing as Guest Post for Kenarry: Ideas for the Home.

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