Valentine's Day Proposal Box

Written By petite karinne on Saturday, February 7, 2015 | 12:22 PM

I love romance. To me Valentine's Day is for love sick couples and a perfect day to pop that big question. I could come up with hundreds of ways to make "marry me" exciting. It just tickles me to pieces when a groom asks his bride to be to marry him on February 14th. I think I've shed more tears during proposals than I've stubbed my toes. 

One way is to give a box of chocolates with the ring inside. 

Sometimes those chocolate boxes need a little boost of "pretty" if holding an incredible question and a hefty piece of jewelry. So I decided to craft one for inspiration. 

It starts with the heart shaped box of chocolates. 

And some free printouts I designed on PicMonkey: 

(Save image to print one.)

(Save image to print one.) 

(Save image to print three.) 

Using the inside chocolate cover, trace and cut out two each of the  "I love you" prints and of the one, "my wife". (They will be glued onto the cover and to the inside of the top lid.) 

Using the top outside of the lid, trace and cut out the heart for "Will you be" print and one "I love you" print to cover the top and the bottom of the heart box. 

A small piece of gold ribbon will be glued in to become a lift handle. (Just about 1" cut to be folded and glued in with a basic glue stick.)



Gold bias tape...

is glued around the lid edge to dress it up. 

Then glued on the "Will you be" printed heart on the top. 

Apply more glue stick around the outside to add more bias tape around the heart box.

I unfolded the tape to widen it to fit the height of the lid. 

 Then tied a bow. 

The "I love you" printed heart, 

 is glued into the inside of the lid. 

Then apply glue to the bottom of the box and apply the printed "I love you". 

More bias tape is glued on the edges of the bottom half of the box. 

A piece of wire embedded ribbon rolled together...

makes a pretty nest to hold the ring. 

And there you have it. Instead of "Will you be... my Valentine", it's a surprise proposal! 

What was your marriage proposal like? OR, what do you plan to do? I love hearing about them! 

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