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DIY Tween BoyToss Pillow Covers

Written By petite karinne on Thursday, April 23, 2015 | 4:43 AM

Redoing a growing boy's bedroom has been challenging and fun at the same time. It's certainly allowing me to be resourceful while being thrifty-crafty! 

I bought a cheap toss pillow at Target that was perfect for the American Boy theme. 

It was only $3, and sure it's easy to make a knock off, but at that price...it was cheaper than buying burlap and stuffing. However, it led me to making a couple of covers.

The first one started with two flags from Walmart. Super inexpensive. The perfect size for a small toss pillow. 

I placed one on top of the other, reversing the stars to show correctly on front and back...

to sew together; allowing stitching and edges to show on the outside. (I like the raw sewing look for this particular cover)

Then, stuffed the pillow inside and continued to sew it in.

Done! It was fast and awesome!

For the next cover:
Using iron on transfer paper, I printed off a "Route 66" sign in reverse (mirror image) from Pinterest.

Using an older red pillow case from my son's twin bunk bedding he no longer uses, I cut the fabric to the size I needed to cover this 12"x 12" pillow.

Sewed three sides of it and pressed the fabric flat,

then ironed on the print.

After stuffing the pillow inside, I stitched the last seam and there we have another themed pillow for the room.

Another task is completed very easily and inexpensively.

What pillow cover ideas are you thinking of doing?

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