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Hydrangeas & Daffodils: A Spring Wreath

Written By petite karinne on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 | 6:18 PM

Oh spring is coming soon (well, it's officially spring, just not here... yet)!

I love a pretty wreath hanging on the front door in the spring as much as I do at Christmastime. Spring is my favorite season. All the new rebirth of leaves and flowers... it just makes me smile.

Speaking of Christmas, the evergreens wilted off this wired wreath frame so I thought I would recycle it for my new spring wreath.

I bought just a few bunches of silk flowers... yellow daffodils and green hydrangeas.

I cut the flowers leaving a few inches of stem and attached them to the wire frame with green floral tape.

Annnnd about two hours later... I had a full hydrangea wreath.

I kept the leaves to glue onto the back of the wire frame.

Using hot glue, I attached the leaves onto the frame to extend from the outside and inside of the flowers. Kind of framing the frame. :)
This part went really fast... about 15 minutes.

And got this result! 

Pretty, huh?

Then I used just the top of the daffodils to place into the wreath for a spring theme. 
Giving it a quick test on the inside of the door, I found it fit and looked just right. 

So here we are,  outside the door to see how it hangs...
Not bad for $12...

And the back side of the wreath from indoors looks better with the leaves glued this way. 

I looooove hydrangeas. Especially when they are still green. 

We still have snow melting here and it's not green and pretty,  but at least the door will look like spring for Easter this weekend!


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