Recycled Denim Jean Bag

Written By petite karinne on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 | 9:41 AM

It's not hoarding if you keep something you don't use any more and repurpose it for better use.

Cleaning out clothing gets a second look.
I adore jean bags when I see them and swore I'd make one some day.
This little skirt is never going to be worn by me again, so it was the perfect opportunity to turn it into a bag.

To make a bottom, I snagged this big suede coat from my fabric scrap bag ... well, what's left of the coat! You may remember I used the back of it to upholster "The Gentleman Chair".

Not much is needed to sew a bottom on the skirt, so I cut off one arm and both semi belts from the cuffs. Super awesome that I used them with very little sewing! Ready made button holes!

I cut off just enough from the sleeve to make a wide bottom.

After pinning the suede onto the inside it was sewn on from the outside.

I sewed along the skirts original stitching lines.

Then after choosing a couple of buttons from my stash, I sewed the cuff belts on the skirt to go over the pockets.

And sewed on the buttons. This helps keep the contents of the pockets secured ... such as a cell phone.

Then I added a leather belt through the loops.

And cinched the waist for closing the bag. 

 The belt became an over the shoulder handle.

To open the bag, a simple pull of the waist to the extent of the belt lets things drop in easily.

I finally have a denim bag. And it's completely recycled!

Do you have any novelty bags like this?
This is my first!

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